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Power Up A Better Summer With Clean, Green Propane

Propane is one of the most versatile energy sources around – especially during the summer, when it can make a big difference in your quality of life.


With A Propane Pool Heater, You Could Be Swimming Right Now!

No one likes to take a cold dip on a cool day or evening – unless that pool is toasty warm.

Springtime allergies

Three Strategies for Dealing with Springtime Allergies

Spring is here in Fairfield and Westchester counties – and if you’re an allergy sufferer, that means that sneezing, congestion, and other unpleasant allergy symptoms might be here, too.

Outdoor propane grill

Take Your Outdoor Living Space up a Notch with the Power of Propane

Spring is approaching quickly – which means it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do with that outdoor space you keep saying you want to use. With a little planning, you can turn that space into your family’s favorite place to gather.

Carbon monoxide alarm

What You Need to Know about CO

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a deadly, odorless gas that is released when you burn propane, wood, heating oil, or any other combustible fuel. If you have a heating system in your Fairfield or Westchester County home, you’ll need to know how to detect and deal with a build-up of this “silent killer.”

holiday season

Here for You This Holiday Season

As a family-owned company, we’ve been serving our Westchester and Fairfield County neighbors for more than six decades.

We could not have made it that long as a business without the loyalty of customers like you.

Basement heating system

Is It Time to Replace Your Furnace or Boiler?

Buying a new heating system for your home is an investment, and like any investment it requires careful consideration to make a decision about whether to keep your old furnace or boiler or move on to something new.

4 things to know

4 Things to Know about Heating Oil Tanks

If you own a home that was built in or before 1990 that still has its original heating oil tank, chances are it’s overdue for a replacement.

Here are four things you should know if you think it’s time to install a new heating oil tank (if you’re not sure if the tank should be replaced…

Fall is coming

Fall Is Coming – Time for Your Annual Heating System Tune-Up!

As we enter September and begin to feel the leaves crackle under our feet, it can only mean that cooler weather is coming – which means it’s time for your annual heating system tune-up.

Hot water faucet

4 Benefits of Installing a Tankless Water Heater

If you’re like the average American, you use about 65 gallons of hot water a day to clean your clothes, your dishes, and yourself.

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