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Save energy in the winter

Winter Energy-Saving Tips for Your Northern Fairfield or Northern Westchester Home

Winter is officially here, despite the mild weather we have had so far this season here in Connecticut and Northern Westchester. But as we know, the cold will come – and with it will come higher heating bills. If you want to keep those bills manageable in the months ahead, here are some suggestions for how to do it.

Fixing the furnace

Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

Did you know that are recently as the 1980s, you could find furnaces with efficiencies in the 50-60 percent range? That means that nearly half the money your parents spent to heat the house was lost up the chimney (no wonder they couldn’t afford better clothing!).

Feeling cold indoors

No Heat Is No Fun: Avoiding Heating Oil Runouts

A home heating oil runout can happen quickly – a sudden change of weather here, or an over-busy weekend there, and you could easily end up in a no heat emergency (if you do, don’t panic – we’re here to help you!

Home generator

Three Things You Should Do for Your Generator This Fall

A whole house propane backup generator can literally be a lifesaver for your family, powering home medical equipment and keeping the heat on when the Connecticut winter is at its fiercest (not to mention protecting your property and food).

Fall prep checklist

Labor Day is behind us, which means that fall is on the way: time to prepare for heating season! Here’s a quick checklist to prepare your home and home comfort equipment the cooler months to come.

Happy family

Plan Ahead: Three Smart Choices for a Stress-Free Heating Season

We hate to break it to you, but we’ve officially passed the midpoint of summer 2018 here in Connecticut and Northern Westchester (and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, for that matter).

Five pool heater efficiency tips

If you have a propane pool heater , you know how wonderful it can be – especially on those cool mornings and “shoulder-season” days. You also know how expensive it can be to run that pool heater if you don’t take steps to keep it operating as efficiently as possible. How do you do that? […]

Central A/C ductwork filter

Don’t Forget to Check Your A/C Filters!

Your central air conditioner can last a 15 years or more if it’s well maintained – and while you do need to get a professional A/C tune-up every year, one of the most important ways to keep your cooling system running right is something you can do yourself: check your air filter every month and change it when needed.

Power your summer with propane

If you’re a Casey propane customer, you probably already know how versatile, eco-friendly, and efficient propane gas is. But did you know that it can also grow your house?

Configuring thermostat

Six Cooling Season Efficiency Tips

Year after year, Connecticut ranks at or near the top of U.S. states in terms of per capital energy costs – a fact that’s probably not too surprising for those of us living here.

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