How To Control Winter Home Heating Costs

February 23, 2022
Keep Cozy Without Spiking Your Heating Costs in the Process January was tough for most of Connecticut. Back-to-back Nor’easters and a major blizzard made for a cold, messy month—especially for our shoreline customers. And February rolled in with a weekend of ice and frigid temperatures. But this season’s higher fuel costs make the idea of […]

Why Is My Heat Pump Is Constantly Running?

January 31, 2022
Our Troubleshooting Guide May Be Able to Help Prevent a Service Call! It’s important to know that heat pumps work quite differently than furnaces, and they tend to run more often, particularly in colder weather. So, if temperatures are below 40 degrees—as they are now—and your heat pump is running constantly, it’s probably working correctly. […]

Thinking of Buying a Home With Propane Heat?

December 27, 2021
Here’s Some Important Things You Need to Know! There’s so much to consider when buying a new home here in Northern Fairfield and Northern Westchester Counties of Connecticut and New York Some things are subjective and personal, such as style and finishes, but others are more practical—and can directly affect your bottom line as well […]

Can a Budget Plan Help You Save this Season?

November 29, 2021
Let Us Help You Keep Heating Costs Under Control While some things are inching back to normal, so many things remain largely unpredictable. This includes the weather, and the price of fuel. Heating oil and propane prices have always fluctuated—and prices have recently been lower than average the past few years—however, disruptions to the supply […]

Schedule That Tune-up and Brace for Winter!

October 25, 2021
Don’t Ignore Your Annual System Service—It Could Cost You We can say with utmost certainty that nobody likes dealing with frozen pipes, long waits for a technician to visit your home, and/or unexpected costs amid a chilly, Connecticut winter season. That’s why it’s worth minimizing your risk by getting your heating system tuned up by […]

3 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair or Replacing

September 27, 2021
A lot of us take heated water for granted—but truth be told is that your water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home! Daily, it’s responsible for heating up and storing enough hot water for you to take a shower, fill your dishwasher, and aid in your next load of laundry. […]

Stress-Free Heating Season: 3 Smart Choices

August 30, 2021
We hate to break it to you, but we’re approaching the endpoint of summer 2021 here in Connecticut and Northern Westchester (and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, for that matter). That means that before you know it, there will be a chill in the Fairfield-area air that makes you reach for the thermostat to […]

Let the Power of Propane Extend Your Summer Season!

August 3, 2021
It may seem like there’s a lot of summer still ahead, but as we all know, the season always goes more quickly than you think it will. The good news is you can stretch out summer with the help of propane gas (and an assist from Casey Energy, too!). Propane Heaters, Fire Pits & More! […]

Propane Backup Generators Prepare You for Outages

June 28, 2021
Severe weather can strike at any moment in Connecticut—and with that severe weather can come potentially dangerous power outages, much like the ones we saw here last fall. One of the best ways to combat outages is to invest in a whole house Generac backup generator—a powerful piece of home comfort equipment designed to give […]

Why Is Spring A/C Maintenance So Important?

May 24, 2021
If you had no problems with your air conditioning system last year, you might be tempted to skip annual maintenance in 2021 to save some money. The problem is that making that choice could end up costing you more money in the end. For one thing, your air conditioner loses an average of five percent […]