Breathe easier this spring with these 8 indoor air quality tips

breathe easyHaving an airtight home can do wonders for heating and cooling system efficiency, but it can also have unintended consequences for the quality of air inside your home.

That’s because today’s homes are filled with potential air pollutants – everything from dust, mold, and dead skin to pet dander, toxic cleaners, and formaldehyde-filled furniture and construction materials. Without a way to escape, those pollutants can get trapped inside your home and really do a number on your indoor air quality.

While indoor pollution may be especially harmful for the youngest and oldest of us –along with people vulnerable to respiratory problems – regular exposure to it can be harmful to anyone over time. Even the EPA recognizes that improving indoor air quality is a key to good health.

But how do you actually improve indoor air quality in your Fairfield, or Westchester County-area, home? Here are eight good ways to get you started.

  • Clean your floors – Vacuum carpets, preferably with a HEPA filter, at least once a week. Mop wood, tile, and composite floors frequently with white vinegar and water.
  • Choose greener cleaners – Most stores carry eco-friendly alternatives to chemical-laden cleaning products, so be sure to shop around. Another option is to make your own cleaning products – vinegar and baking soda are great natural cleaning agents that cut grease, clean drains, kill germs, and more.
  • Avoid toxic odorants – Most chemical air fresheners are full of toxins; opt for essential oils with a diffuser instead. If you use candles, choose soy or beeswax-based varieties scented only with pure essential oils.
  • Control humidity – Unhealthy humidity levels can encourage the growth and spread of mold and other microorganisms. Consider adding a whole house air humidifier or dehumidifier to your HVAC system to keep humidity levels in the healthy range.
  • Air it out – Open windows and turn on fans frequently to freshen the air and let out some of the pollutants that have accumulated in your home.
  • Green it up – Plants suck toxic chemicals through their leaves, and plant roots and soil bacteria remove trace levels of toxic vapors. (They even look great, too!)
  • Maintain your HVAC system – If you have a forced air heating system (one with vents rather than baseboards), professional maintenance will help keep allergens and other pollutants from accumulating in ducts and circulating throughout your home. Check your furnace or A/C system’s filter once per month, cleaning or changing it when necessary. Consider having your ducts cleaned, too.
  • Invest in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions – From humidifiers to air filters, whole house indoor air quality solutions can help your family breathe easier all year long – especially in the spring, when life can be pretty miserable for allergy sufferers. These compact units connect directly to your furnace and A/C to deliver better air to every room in your house.

Did you know that Casey Energy can install indoor air quality equipment when we do your springtime A/C maintenance? Now you do! Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation estimate on an indoor air quality equipment upgrade, today!