Buying Fuel in the Unpredictable World of Oil and Propane

Buying fuel online

Posted: June 9, 2015

It may be summer, but it’s time to prepare for next year’s heating season. Prices are low now, and we offer several programs to help you save money.

Although there is no way to predict which buying option will offer you the best value in a given year, as always, Casey offers several options for purchasing your home heating oil and propane.

Lock in one low price with our Prepay Plan by purchasing a year’s worth of fuel up front. Your fuel will cost the same all year long — even in winter, when demand is higher and market prices typically rise.

Make your bills even more predictable with our EZ Pay Plan by spreading your payments evenly over the course of a year. We’ll simply multiply the total gallons you purchase by your price per gallon, then divide by 12 (you’ll need our EZ Pay CAP Plan insurance program to participate in the EZ Pay Plan).

For even greater peace of mind, minimize your price risk by enrolling in our downside EZ Pay CAP Plan protection. You’ll never pay more than your fixed price — but if the market price drops below that number, you’ll get the savings! The EZ Pay CAP Plan fee usually costs less than 20 percent of your annual heating bill.

* Please note that automatic delivery is required to participate in the above plans.

As you can see, each plan has its benefits. There are challenges and opportunities when you choose a buying program in the unpredictable world of heating oil and propane. But one thing we can predict is that Casey will continue to offer the most reliable supplies of heating oil and propane in the area — and the best customer service you’ll find anywhere.

Call 203-438-6500 or contact us if you have any questions. And see our pages on propane pricing plans or oil pricing plans for more information.