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How Does Casey Stack Up Against C.O.D. Companies?

Low priced fuel sounds good… until it’s not. Every time the temperature plummets, our office is flooded with calls from homeowners and renters who thought they could have it both ways: save money without putting their comfort at risk. Then they find that their discount company isn’t even answering the phone, can’t make a delivery for a week or can’t get them a plumber to do a repair. Can’t, Can’t, Can’t.

During those times, you’re out of luck. Because when the going gets rough, most fuel companies will prioritize their existing customers. So please think hard whether saving 10 or 20 cents a gallon is really worth all you give up by not having a company you can completely feel confident about.

Casey Energy
C.O.D. Oil Discounter
24/7 emergency response
Yes. We have techs available around the clock in any weather!
Try searching for a plumber at 10 at night.
Equipment installations
Yes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed
Full trained & insured
Yes, plus we have more techs on staff
Training, license and insurance unknown
Timely deliveries
No. And when it gets really cold, you may be completely out of luck.
Credit terms
No. Cash on delivery
Monthly payment plan
Quality fuel
If they don’t provide service contracts, they have no incentive to only deliver the best fuel.
24 hour access to your account online
Possible, but with limited options
24 hour access to make payments
24 hour access to schedule service
Don’t count on it
24 access to request deliveries
Don’t count on it
Possible, but usually with minimal content that fails to enhance customer’s experience
Back what they sell
Hope for the best
Amazing reviews
Yes since 1949
Who knows?

That’s why cheaper oil isn’t necessarily cheaper! Ready to become a customer? It’s easy, call us at 877-844-9205, or contact us now!