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Don’t Forget to Check Your A/C Filters!

Central A/C ductwork filter

Your central air conditioner can last a 15 years or more if it’s well maintained – and while you do need to get a professional A/C tune-up every year, one of the most important ways to keep your cooling system running right is something you can do yourself: check your air filter every month and change it when needed.

A clogged air filter makes your A/C work harder than it should to keep your family comfortable during the dog days of a Northern Westchester/Southern Connecticut summer.

That overwork can cause some big problems for you, including:

The good news is that air filters are inexpensive and easy to replace – in fact, a new air filter is included with your annual A/C tune-up (f you haven’t had yours done in 2018 yet, do it soon – you’re going to need it, if expert predictions are correct). If you want an even better value, try a Casey Cooling Service Plan, which includes priority service, a 20 percent repair discount, and more.

If you want or need to change the filter yourself, but don’t know how (or how often) to do this, contact us – we’ll figure it out together.

Maintain your home cooling system before summer REALLY kicks in! Contact us today to sign up Casey Energy Air Conditioning Service Agreement.

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