Don’t Tempt Fate – Schedule Your Annual Cooling System Maintenance!

Summer is here in Connecticut – which means it’s time for your air conditioner to do its thing. If it does its job without issue early in the season, it could be tempting to put off – or even skip – your system’s annual tune-up.

But that could be a costly mistake!

Like any machine, your A/C needs a little TLC every year to keep it running well – and to keep it running reliably when you need it most.

Of course reliability isn’t the only benefit to getting an annual tune-up for your home cooling system. Routine maintenance also helps you to:

  • Prevent most costly repairs– More than three out of four cooling system repairs are avoidable with routine service.
  • Save on energy bills – A tune-up will help your A/C system run more efficiently – which means you’ll pay less to cool your home. 
  • Keep your warrantee valid – Most cooling system warrantees require annual service to keep their coverage in force. Without routine maintenance, you might have to pay for repairs out of pocket – even if your equipment is still under warrantee! 

Don’t wait until your A/C dies during a heat wave – schedule your annual tune-up today! Or for an even better value, sign up for a Casey Cooling System plan contact us toda to learn more.