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For a safe, discrete way to heat your home, try an underground propane tank from Casey Energy.

Underground propane tanks allow you to fuel your home with minimal visual intrusion outside your home. Since all you can see above ground is a small dome, these tanks can be incorporated into most landscape designs.

Underground tanks are available in a wide range of sizes and, thanks to modern technology, are long lasting and environmentally friendly. In fact, with proper protection from rust and corrosion, your tank can last 40 years!

And in the unlikely event of a leak, nontoxic propane unlike heating oil will not pollute the soil or groundwater.

Casey provides underground storage tank solutions for every homeowner’s needs and budget. All the tanks we sell meet and surpass stringent industry and EPA standards; once we determine if an underground tank is feasible for your home, we’ll make sure it’s installed properly, safely and quickly.

To learn if an underground propane tank can work for your home, contact or call Casey today: (877) 884-9205. Serving Northern Fairfield and Northern Westchester counties.

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