Fall prep checklist

Labor Day is behind us, which means that fall is on the way: time to prepare for heating season! Here’s a quick checklist to prepare your home and home comfort equipment the cooler months to come.

  • Seal windows and doors – A small investment in caulk, door seals and door sweeps will more than pay for itself this heating season by reducing air leaks and keeping your family more comfortable. Consider plastic window coverings for more substantial air leaks in winter.
  • Check/replace air filters – Clogged air filters reduce efficiency and cause your heating system to work harder than it needs to, which can lead to costly heating system repairs down the road. Check your air filter once a month, cleaning or replacing it if needed.
  • Clean / clear vents – Wipe down your vents to keep dust and debris out of your heating ducts. Move any furniture or objects that block air flow.
  • Clean your outdoor HVAC unit – Clear leaves, pollen, dirt, sticks or other debris from your compressor unit to ensure proper airflow and ensure that your HVAC unit is running as efficiently as possible.
  • Reverse your ceiling fan –
 Adjust your ceiling fan blades so they push rising warm air back down into the room (see your owner’s manual for instructions on how to reverse the rotation of your fan).
  • Listen for unusual noises – Noises in your system can indicate vent blockages or debris, loose or broken parts, or other problems.
  • Replace batteries – Check in on your carbon monoxide, smoke, and propane detectors.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance –A heating system tune-up will keep your equipment running efficiently and reliably all season long, so you’ll pay less for your bills and get more peace of mind (hint: a Casey Heating Oil Service Plan includes an annual tune-up, plus other cost-saving benefits).

Don’t forget to maintain your generator, either!

Cooler weather is on the way – stay one step ahead with preventive maintenance and other money saving services from Casey Energy! Contact us today to learn more.