Five pool heater efficiency tips

If you have a propane pool heater , you know how wonderful it can be – especially on those cool mornings and “shoulder-season” days. You also know how expensive it can be to run that pool heater if you don’t take steps to keep it operating as efficiently as possible.

How do you do that? Here are five important ways:

  • Cover your pool at night. Almost three quarters of your pool’s heat loss comes at the surface, so cover your pool when it’s not in use. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), covering your pool will also reduce the need for fill-in water by 30 to 50 percent and reduce chemical use by 35-60 percent – two more reasons to put a lid on it.
  • Turn off your heater during long periods of non-use. If you don’t plan to use the pool for several days or more, cover it and drop the thermostat to 70 degrees; turn it back on a half a day or so before you want to use the pool again. For longer periods on non-use, shut your pool heater off altogether.
  • Keep moderate water temperatures. For an average sized pool in Connecticut or northern Westchester County, the difference between keeping your pool water at 78 vs. 82 degrees will translate to more than $1000 in energy bills over the course of a summer. A pool is not a hot tub – aim for a comfortable temperature somewhere near 78 degrees for the best balance of comfort and cost.
  • Block the wind. Wind increases the speed of heat loss in your pool – do what you can to block it. A low poolside fence or hedge can ease the breeze.
  • Get your pool heater serviced every year – Routine maintenance will keep your pool heater running at its best. In fact, an annual pool heater tune-up will usually pay for itself in efficiency improvements alone – not to mention the long-term benefits of extending the life of your equipment and reducing the need for repairs.

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