Why Is My Heat Pump Is Constantly Running?

Our Troubleshooting Guide May Be Able to Help Prevent a Service Call!

no heat tips connecticutIt’s important to know that heat pumps work quite differently than furnaces, and they tend to run more often, particularly in colder weather. So, if temperatures are below 40 degrees—as they are now—and your heat pump is running constantly, it’s probably working correctly.

However, if your heat pump seems like it’s been running non-stop for days now, no matter the weather, it might be best to check and see if there are signs of a problem. Often, there’s an easy fix and you may be able to correct the problem yourself. Other times, you may need a service professional to take a deeper look. No matter what, don’t ignore it. A small issue can turn into a bigger problem—and a much more expensive repair.

Our experienced techs handle problems like this all the time—and they’re happy to share some easy troubleshooting tips you can follow to save the need for a service call.

Heating System Troubleshooting Guide

1. Check Your Thermostat
Make sure temperature settings are correct. Setting your thermostat too high (this could be anywhere above 76 degrees) in the winter or too low in the summer can cause it to run constantly to keep up with the temperature you set it for. Experts say setting your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit when you are home is the ideal balance of comfort and energy efficiency during the winter season.

2. Clean Your Air Filter
Your heat pump needs a supply of fresh, clean air to run efficiently. If the filter becomes clogged, your heat pump will have to work harder—and run continuously—just to try and keep your home comfortable. Our seasonal maintenance and system tune-up includes new filters, so if you keep up with your necessary maintenance, this shouldn’t be an issue.

3. Check Your Condensate Pump
If the condensate pump (which is like a small sump pump) isn’t working or has become unplugged, your heat pump will not work as it should. This could cause a variety of problems, including a pump that runs continuously. If plugging it in doesn’t help, give us a call.

4. Inspect the Outdoor Unit
One of the most common problems stems from a failure of the defrost cycle. If your outdoor unit is encased in ice and frost—which can even happen in the summer—the defrost has failed. Call us for service right away!

5. Check the Evaporator Coils
If the coils are dirty, grimy, or corroded, they may be leaking refrigerant or causing other problems. This reduces efficiency, causing the unit to run constantly in an attempt to make up for the loss in power.

If none of those steps resolve the problem, or if you encounter any of these issues, you should call us:

  • Ice on the coils
  • Heat pump stuck in one mode
  • Reduced airflow
  • Inability to maintain a comfortable temperature

Casey Energy—We’re Always at Your Service!

The best way to prevent problems with any of your home’s heating or cooling systems is to schedule regular maintenance. A tune-up will keep your heating system running at peak efficiency, helping you keep energy costs down. At Casey, we care about your comfort, and our techs are ready to help when you need them. We’ve been trusted by homes and businesses in Fairfield County and Northern Westchester for three generations for a reason! Contact us for more information today.