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Tired of unpredictable heating oil bills? Sign up for one of Casey’s heating oil pricing plans.*

The last thing you need around the holidays is the sticker shock of a high heating bill. That’s why Casey offers three plans to help keep your bills under control when the temperature drops.

Prepay Plan

Lock in one low price the entire year by purchasing a year’s worth of oil up front. This price will remain the same no matter what happens to the market price of heating oil.

EZ Pay Plan

Reduce unpredictable heating bills by spreading your payments out evenly over the course of a year. We’ll simply multiply the total gallons you purchase by your price per gallon, then divide by up to 12 months. You’ll get the lowest possible monthly payments by enrolling at the beginning of the program in August. You may also want to protect yourself from the risk of rising prices by adding a price cap (EZ Pay CAP Plan).

EZ Pay CAP Plan

Minimize your price risk by enrolling in EZ Pay CAP Plan. For an additional fee, you’ll never pay more than your cap price, but if oil markets drop below your price, you’ll pay the lower price!
The EZ Pay CAP Plan fee costs only about 8 percent of your annual heating oil bill, and could save you a lot of money if market prices rise substantially over the winter.

*Please note that Automatic Delivery is required to participate in the above plans.

Contact or call Casey Energy today to learn how our heating oil pricing plans can save you money: (877) 884-9205. Serving Northern Fairfield and Northern Westchester counties.

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