Heating System Installations

Trust the Experts at Casey Energy for Reliable Heating Installations in Fairfield and Westchester Counties

installationsWhen the time comes to upgrade the heating system in your home or business, Casey Energy can help you choose a solution that gets the job done right—without breaking the bank.

Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you choose the right system from our wide selection of top-quality heating equipment. Once you are confident in your choice, we’ll get it delivered and installed quickly, with no hassles or delays. We’ll even remove your old equipment at no cost!

Did you know?

Most of our heating system installations are completed in a day!

Casey technicians are qualified experts—always ready to help!

Our professional and courteous trained technicians follow the highest industry standards and offer you the highest level of service—always. When you need a heating system replacement or repair, you can count on them to explain it to you so you understand your options before they get started. We recommend checking out our service plans to ensure that your equipment runs properly for years to come.

Every Casey Energy installation technician is certified as a heating system expert, with a deep up-to-date knowledge of the latest equipment. This knowledge and our technicians’ experience guarantee that you’ll have a warm, safe winter inside your home. Here are just a few of the types of equipment our team can install.

Propane storage tanks

Our tank installations are guaranteed to be high-quality jobs and include a range of aboveground and underground options. If you’re deciding between leasing and purchasing your aboveground tank, we can help you make the best choice to suit your needs. Tank installations include a full propane system safety check and all your questions answered.

Heating oil storage tanks

When it’s time to replace your old oil tank—aboveground or underground—we’re here with options to make your decision easy. We’ll handle the installation and take care of removing your old tank as well.

Oil heat and propane boiler systems

Save up to 30% on your annual heating costs while maintaining the highest level of comfort in your home. We offer a range of brands and models, each suited to a different set of needs, so we’re sure to meet yours!

Our team is also qualified to install oil and propane furnaces, whole-house humidifiers, hydro-air systems and more!

Of course we warranty all our work—parts and labor—for one year from the date of installation.

When you’re ready for a heating system upgrade, don’t settle for less than Casey’s top-quality workmanship and inspired, affordable service. Email us or call Casey Energy for information and pricing today: (877) 884-9205. We serve northern Fairfield and northern Westchester counties.