Hello, Warm Summer — Goodbye, Cold Swimming Pool!

pool heater

Casey Energy sells, installs, and services more pool and spa heaters than anyone else in northern Fairfield and northern Westchester Counties.

Instant Comfort for Your Backyard Oasis!

When you warm your water with a propane pool heater, there’s no such thing as too chilly of a night. You can enjoy a nice, relaxing dip in the pool well into the fall.

Here’s how a propane pool heater works — it burns gas to heat water from the pool pump, then cycles that water back into the pool. Propane pool heaters are quite simply the most dependable, efficient way to warm your inground or aboveground pool.

Did You Know Propane Pool Heaters are More Effective than Electric Models?

Nothing beats a propane pool heater when it comes to keeping your water at the ideal temperature. These models work much faster and more efficiently than electric heat pump heaters. Electric models depend on heat from the air, so they’re limited in how warm they can make your pool during cool days and evenings.

Casey Energy installs and services a range of energy-efficient propane pool heaters. These models are affordable to run and burn cleanly, with virtually no emissions. Even better, when you go with Casey to install your pool heater, you have a full-service partner who can deliver your propane as well!

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