How Do Mini-Split Systems Work?

No Ductwork? No Sweat!

ducltess home cooling connecticutSummer in southern Connecticut is known to be gorgeous. But it can also be unbearably hot and humid, too. And when your central AC doesn’t reach all the areas of your home—additions, sunrooms, lofts, converted attics, basements, and garage spaces—things can get, well, sticky. Fans are not effective in humidity, and window units are ugly and noisy.

Don’t be hot and bothered.A ductless mini-split system will not only cool (and heat!) those spaces, but it could also help you save money, too.

What Exactly is a Mini-Split System?

The name may sound funny, but mini-split systems are a seriously energy-efficient option when it comes to cooling (and heating!) spaces that never seem as comfortable as the rest of your home. They’re ideal for any space that doesn’t have ductwork—because they don’t need it to operate effectively.

A mini-split system is designed to work virtually anywhere to provide extremely efficient cooling—and heating—via advanced inverter technology.

Because they’re ductless, mini-split systems are also easy to install. The compact wall units connect to an outdoor compressor with minimal drilling. Best of all they are inconspicuous, quiet, and energy-efficient with handy wireless controls.

The Benefits of a Mini-Split System

A ductless mini-split can help you save energy—and money—in many ways:

  • They’re less expensive to install because they don’t require ductwork.
  • They’re super-efficient because you are only cooling or heating specific areas.
  • While in operation, they use less electricity to do the same job as a window unit or an electric space heater.
  • They can heat or cool up to six zones off a single compressor.

Did we mention mini-splits provide efficient heating, too? They’re a great source of warmth, particularly in-between seasons, when temperatures are relatively mild, giving you more controlled comfort, and energy savings, throughout the year.

Looking For Ductless Cooling Installation? Casey Energy Can Help!

Whether you’re looking to add cooling or heating to a specific room or need a cost-effective solution for a small apartment or condo, our team can help assess your needs and make the best choice for your space and your budget. We’ll install everything with no mess and no hassle, and get the job done right.

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