Know The Rules of the Game

National propane companies often offer deals such as “$100 off propane delivery!” or “Save 15 cents per gallon when you sign up for automatic delivery!” But there is almost always a catch. Be sure to read the fine print on any offers or coupons you may be thinking about accepting.

Many of these big propane companies like to play games. They may quote you one price on the phone, but as soon as they install a tank, they’ll surprise you by tacking on big fees to their delivery bill. There have also been reports over the years about big companies taking advantage of some customers by charging astronomical prices — as much as a $1 more per gallon than the going rate!

We don’t play these types of games. Our pricing policy is consistently honest and fair.

Earning and keeping your trust is important to us—and it goes beyond pricing. You can also count on us to deliver your fuel dependably and safely. Our superior service — and integrity — saves you money, reduces your aggravation and gives you real peace of mind.