Now is the Time to Tune Up Your Heating System

tune up heating system

The Many Benefits of a System Tune-Up

No one ever plans for a repair, but as your heating equipment ages, it loses 5 percent efficiency every year. Arranging routine maintenance improves performance and catches minor issues before they turn into pricy breakdowns. But that’s not the only benefit of a yearly tune-up:

  • Improving your heating system’s efficiency lowers your energy bills.
  • Getting service now means your equipment will be ready when the cold weather returns.
  • Yearly maintenance extends your system’s life expectancy.
  • Our technicians can spot and fix safety concerns like carbon monoxide infiltration.
  • Many furnace or boiler warranties require annual maintenance. If you skip a yearly tune-up, you could be on the hook for an expensive repair later.

Right now, we have plenty of open appointments — don’t wait until right before winter to schedule service.

Protect Your System with a Service Agreement

For maximum peace of mind, you can ensure your heating system runs at peak performance with our Essential Service Agreements. When you protect your equipment through one of our affordable plans, you receive:

  • A comprehensive annual tune-up
  • Discounts on repairs and replacement parts
  • Priority emergency service — 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

We offer our Essential Service Agreements for heating oil and propane-fired systems. Plus, you can get additional coverage for your water heater, air conditioning, and backup generator!

Your home’s heating system worked overtime throughout the winter — give it the protection it needs now and for years to come. Contact us today to arrange service and enroll in Essential Service Agreement coverage.