Planning Your Outdoor Living Space

planning an outdoor living space Fairfield County ConnecticutBelieve it or not, spring is less than a month away here in Connecticut – before you know it, we’ll be outside primping our outdoor space in anticipation of the warmer weather to come. That’s especially true if you want to turn your humdrum backyard into an inviting outdoor living space this year. If that’s your plan, the time to start is now!

Here are five steps to turning your personal grassy knoll into your family’s favorite gathering spot:

5 Steps To A Comfortable Outdoor Living

  1. Make a wish list – Start by making some basic decisions about your outdoor living space. Do you want to make it an entertainment space for guests or a sanctuary for your family? Do you want an outdoor kitchen, or just a place to sit? What special features and outdoor living equipment do you want to incorporate into your space (a propane fire pit, for example, or a built-in propane gas grill)? Will your space need special lighting or a patio heater? Take some time to brainstorm…you can always pare down the list later.
  2. Find inspiration – The internet is a treasure trove of ideas for design ideas – from Pinterest boards to DIY sites. Bookmark designs for outdoor spaces you like, or keep a physical folder of ideas clipped from magazines or copied from books. Follow your intuition and have fun with the process!
  3. Start planning – Once you’ve narrowed down your inspiration choices, it’s time to start planning. Get more focused on what specific elements you want to incorporate into your design – colors, paver shapes, textures, borders, etc. Engage contractors and start to gather pricing quotes for the work you’d like to do.
  4. Begin the work – It’s time to hammer your dream space into shape! Keep in mind that things will be a bit chaotic for a while as construction continues: if you believe that your project may bother any of your neighbors, talk to them advance and let them in on your construction schedule – and don’t forget to invite them over to celebrate once the project is complete!
  5. Make it personal – Add a personal touch to your outdoor living space with furniture, throw pillows, rugs, lighting, and other décor. Music is always great, too. Add touches of your personality and style to make this space your own.
  6. Enjoy it! – This is the best part – sit back, relax, and take in all you’ve accomplished in transforming your outdoor space!

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