Pay Your Way: Choosing a Price Protection Program

Coffee by the window

The prices of heating oil and propane are more volatile than ever – and so are the Northern Fairfield and Northern Westchester county weather conditions that threaten to spoil your plans for a cozy winter.

That’s why we offer options to manage your heating bills, save money and take some of the stress and unpredictability out of paying to keep your family warm. Here is a quick summary of your options*:

  1. Prepay: You pay for all your fuel in advance of the heating season, when prices are usually lower. You’ll lock in a specific price that will not go up or down. No finance charge or other fees are charged for this service.
  2. EZ Pay plan: Make your bills more predictable by spreading your fuel costs out over 12 months. You’ll pay the same cost month after month, no matter how much heating oil you use (your payment is based on an estimate of your heating oil usage from your previous year’s billing).
  3. EZ Pay CAP plan: With this plan, you also spread your fuel costs out over 12 months, but at a “capped” price – meaning that you’ll pay either a pre-determined maximum price or the market price on the day of your delivery, whichever is lower. You pay a fee to cover this “downside protection” – about eight percent of your overall bill.

* Please note that you must enroll in Automatic Delivery to take advantage of these three options.

Not sure which plan is right for you? We can help! Contact us today with any questions. But do it soon, before prices rise this coming heating season!