Prevent Trouble on the Hottest Days of the Year

Cooling off

Posted: July 29, 2015

Summer is certainly here, but it’s not too late for an a/c tune-up.

Make sure your cooling system is up to the job of keeping your family comfortably cool with our comprehensive 10-point tune-up. This essential service helps prevent trouble on the hottest days of the year and can add years to the life of your system.

The preventive maintenance you get with an a/c tune-up reduces the risk of a breakdown. Some people fail to see this until it is too late — when their a/c system stops running during a heat wave.

Not only that, it saves you money too — as much as 10% off your cooling costs.

When we arrive — on time, as scheduled — we’ll work quickly and quietly to get your system operating at its best.

Call 203-438-6500 or contact us to schedule your a/c tune-up today. Read more about our a/c tune-ups here.