Propane Vs. Charcoal Grills: What’s Better?

15 Reasons You Should Be Grilling with Gas

propane grill new millford, ct The lazy days of summer are upon us. Why make grilling a chore?

We know there are some people who have strong feelings about whether charcoal grilling is better than gas. But except for a very specific type of barbecue and smoked foods, a propane grill will perform better. In fact, you can achieve a slow cooked, smoked effect with a propane grill with just some simple tricks. And when it comes to firing it up—as well as cleaning up after—a propane grill is easy and low-maintenance.

From easier cooking to healthier foods to safety, here are 15 reasons why propane is better than charcoal.

  1. Starting up a propane grill is as easy as turning on your kitchen cooktop: Flip a switch, turn a knob and set your heat level. Lighting a charcoal grill requires starter fluid, matches and, often, a bit of patience.
  2. Charcoal takes a long time to heat up—at least about 30 minutes to get the coals hot. With propane, you only need 10 minutes for the grill to heat up.
  3. Propane grills cool down quickly.
  4. Charcoal takes a long time to cool down, and embers can reignite if you aren’t careful.
  5. Propane grills require little clean-up.
  6. Charcoal grills need to be emptied and cleaned. Ash can blow and get everywhere, and it must be completely cool before you dispose of it.
  7. A propane grill is more expensive than a charcoal grill, but filling up a 20-pound cylinder is around $20 and lasts for about 25 grilling sessions. And with a built-in grill, you can use the same propane supply for your home—and never worry about not having a tank for the grill.
  8. A 20-pound bag of charcoal will only get you through three meals, and can cost anywhere from $10 to $60, depending on the type of charcoal you use.
  9. You can opt for a built-in propane grill with a connection to your home’s main propane line, eliminating the need for portable cylinders.
  10. Propane offers more precise temperature control. You can grill all kinds of food, from meat to more delicate food, including fish, vegetables and even fruit.
  11. Charcoal technically offers a bigger temperature range, but offers virtually no control. Maintaining a steady temperature requires a lot of attention and a lot of practice.
  12. Propane is more efficient. You can also close the lid to maximize heat.
  13. Putting the lid on a charcoal grill while you’re cooking will cut the flow of oxygen and stifle the flame.
  14. Foods grilled over charcoal have more carcinogens.
  15. Propane burns cleanly—so it’s better for the air and for your food.

Of course, you can always keep a charcoal grill for the ultimate smoky, low-and-slow barbecue, but the bottom line is that propane makes grilling an easy, healthy option for even a busy weeknight, instead of just the weekend.

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