Propane Services in Westchester, NY and Fairfield, CT Counties

Prompt, professional propane delivery you can count on!

propane tankYou’ve probably been seeing Casey Energy’s propane delivery trucks on the road a lot more than you used to. That’s because propane has become one of the most popular fuel options for homes and businesses in Westchester and Fairfield counties. With a long history of safe, dependable fuel delivery for both propane and heating oil, Casey is one of the most experienced fuel delivery companies in the area.

Propane tank installations and refills

Each of our propane delivery drivers is specially trained and certified to deliver this clean-burning, versatile fuel. And they’re making more deliveries than ever before. Even customers who use heating oil to heat their homes are adding propane as a fuel to cook, dry clothes or run their whole-house backup generators. With the record-low temperatures we’ve seen during recent winters, many of our customers have added propane heaters and fireplaces as an economical option for supplemental heat.

Delivered right to your home in Ridgefield, Weston, New Milford and beyond!

Propane, also known as liquefied petroleum (LP) gas, is an extremely versatile source of energy for your home. In fact, more than 14 million families across the United States use propane for all kinds of home applications.

Why choose propane for your home?

  • It’s efficient. You can cut your energy costs by as much as half by switching from electric to propane appliances.
  • It’s environmentally friendly. Propane gives off less than half of the greenhouse gases that coal-produced electricity generation does. In fact, propane is one of the cleanest burning of all the carbon-based fuels.
  • It’s safe. Propane is not harmful to soil or water if it’s accidentally released and, with a chemical odorant added to help detect leaks, it’s easy to identify a problem and get it solved quickly.
  • It’s proven. Homeowners enjoy the comfort, convenience and cost savings that propane allows, while business owners use it for everything from heating offices to fueling vehicles.

Fair propane prices and convenient payment plans

Casey Energy offers affordable propane gas delivery, including automatic delivery, in the Fairfield County and eastern Westchester County areas, with experienced drivers trained to deliver the fuel safely and efficiently. We even offer pricing plans to make your propane even more affordable. If you’ve never used propane before, we can evaluate your expected fuel needs and recommend the appropriate aboveground or underground propane tank for your needs.

If you’re looking for propane appliances, we can help you there, too, with options for propane furnaceswater heaters and fireplaces.

Of course, we also offer dependable, expert service to keep all your propane equipment running at its best, from tune-ups and repairs to emergency service for any make and model appliance.

Add on our Propane Service Contract for burner maintenance, tune-ups, repair discounts and more:

Learn more about the Propane Service Plan

For more information about our propane fuel and services, contact Casey Energy today: (877) 884-9205. We serve northern Fairfield and northern Westchester counties with prompt fuel delivery, expert propane repairs and quality propane installations!

If you would like to request a propane delivery, click here and one of our friendly customer service representatives will contact you as soon as possible.