Safety First for Winter Deliveries

Nothing is more important to us than your safety and comfort. Obviously winter conditions present extra challenges when it comes to making deliveries, and we would never want to endanger your property, nor do we want to put our drivers in harm’s way.

To avoid the possibility of a fuel run-out, it’s important for customers not only to clear a path to their oil fill pipe or propane tank, but also to clear the driveway after a snowfall. If you have a steep driveway, we recommend hiring a professional snow-removal contractor.

One of our biggest obstacles is navigating our fuel trucks on steep driveways. Safety codes prohibit us from parking a delivery truck on an incline unless it is clear of snow and ice and wheel chocks can be applied safely. Our drivers cannot make a delivery if the driveway poses a safety risk.

To make winter deliveries easier, we recommend that you take advantage of our convenient and free automatic delivery program, which is available for both heating oil and propane customers. This allows us to calculate your fuel needs and make timely deliveries. Please contact us  to see if you qualify for this convenient delivery service. For our propane customers, we may be able to install a wireless tank monitor that lets us know exactly how much fuel you have in your tank!

If you still prefer to call for your fuel, you will need to give us extra time when conditions are harsh. It’s best to call us when your tank is about one-quarter full so we can fit you into our delivery schedule.

We look forward to keeping you safe and warm this winter! And thank you in advance for doing all that you can to ensure our drivers can make safe deliveries to your home.