Schedule That Tune-up and Brace for Winter!

Don’t Ignore Your Annual System Service—It Could Cost You

annual heating maintenance connecticutWe can say with utmost certainty that nobody likes dealing with frozen pipes, long waits for a technician to visit your home, and/or unexpected costs amid a chilly, Connecticut winter season. That’s why it’s worth minimizing your risk by getting your heating system tuned up by Casey Energy as soon as possible! We serve Northern Fairfield County, Conn., as well as Northern Westchester, N.Y.

Regular checkups like those we offer can help flag issues before they turn dangerous … or more expensive. Tune-ups can also more than double the lifespan of your system!

5 Key Benefits of System Tune-ups

  1. They maintain your unit’s efficiency, which makes them more affordable to run across the entire year. A thorough examination of air ducts is included in a tune-up. Damaged air ducts can cause inefficiencies and overload your unit. Those that are too small can cause backed-up air, increasing pressure on your system.
  2. One faulty element in your heating system can put a strain on the entire unit and cause other components to break. No homeowner wants to replace their entire furnace right before the holidays. In extremely cold or remote environments, a breakdown could be dangerous. Breakdowns during busy periods—such as mid-winter—can be even more frustrating.

    Busy technicians, along with potential emergency costs, can make a broken heating system very costly. Plus, without regular maintenance, many manufacturing warranties will become void.

  3. Our professional technicians will be able to spot any issues with the exhaust line in your heating unit. Leaks from an exhaust line can be severe and potentially even lead to carbon monoxide poisoning risks.
  4. An efficient system also means a lower carbon footprint. Less wasted fuel means cleaner air for you and your neighbors! Thermostat calibration is another key to reducing cost as well as environmental impact.
  5. Forced air heating systems can build up soot, dust, and sediment. Our tune-ups will clean this out and keep your heating system producing clean air. Cleaning the heating system reduces the risk of aggravating allergy and asthma.

What Will Casey Energy Do During Your Tune-up?

A typical heating tune-up from Casey includes installing a new air filter, oil filter cartridge and burner nozzle; cleaning and checking electrodes and nozzle assembly; checking all controls; cleaning the combustion chamber; cleaning and inspecting the smoke pipe; and testing and adjusting the oil burner for maximum efficiency. We also offer certified tune-up service for propane systems, too!

Contact or call Casey Energy today to prepare your heating system for the cold snaps that inevitably lie ahead! We’ll be happy to help you out.