Severe Weather Is Coming…Be Prepared with a Stand-By Propane Generator!

Incoming storm

Posted: May 31, 2016

What’s predicted to be an active summer storm season in the Atlantic is upon us – which means it’s time to prepare for severe weather and power outages in your home.

One of the best ways to prepare is to invest in a propane standby generator – a powerful and potentially even life-saving piece of equipment that can keep your home and family safe when Mother Nature unleashes her fury.

6 benefits of a stand-by generator?

A propane standby generator looks a lot like a central air conditioner with a top on it. Powered by propane, it’s wired into your electrical systems and starts automatically within about 30 seconds after an outage.

Here are 6 benefits of a having a standby propane generator this summer:

  1. Flood protection – Weather that causes a power outage usually brings a lot of rain. A generator will keep your sump pump working even if power is down.
  2. Security – No power means you’ll have no home security system to protect your valuables. A propane generator will keep your valuables protected.
  3. Health support – A power outage can be a matter of life or death if someone in your home relies on medical equipment such as a dialysis machine or nebulizer.
  4. Food protection – Food spoiled during a power outage can cost you hundreds of dollars – a whole house generator keeps your fridge and freezer up and running. Most stoves and ovens also run on or with the help of electricity – which means no cooking in the event of an outage (local takeout is probably down, too).
  5. Comfort – Storm season starts June 1 – just around the time when hot, sticky nights arrive. Having a whole house generator means you won’t get stuck inside with no A/C or Indoor air quality equipment.
  6. Communications – Even battery operated radios, laptops, tablets and cell phones will eventually need to be recharged. Avoid losing connection by powering all these items with a generator.

Not just for summer safety

Severe weather that strikes in the colder months can be especially dangerous – and expensive. Besides having no heat, frozen water pipes can be very costly to repair. Avoid it all with a propane stand-by generator.

Be prepared for any weather! Contact Casey today to learn about standby propane generator options for your home.