4 things to know

If you own a home that was built in or before 1990 that still has its original heating oil tank, chances are it’s overdue for a replacement.

Here are four things you should know if you think it’s time to install a new heating oil tank (if you’re not sure if the tank should be replaced, give us a call).

  1. There are two basic categories of heating oil tank. Aboveground heating oil tanks are smaller and hold about 300 gallons of heating oil; larger underground heating oil tanks can hold significantly more (1000+ gallons). Casey Energy installs both types of tanks.
  2. Today’s heating oil tanks are far more leak resistant than older models. On average, only about .06 percent of today’s high-tech polyurethane and fiberglass underground tanks and double-walled plastic and steel aboveground tanks will develop a leak problem – a far cry from yesterday’s oil iron tanks.
  3. They’re flexible. Today’s tanks are available in many sizes, styles, and configurations, and can even be made to fit in tight spaces or hidden in an outdoor area.
  4. They’ll give you control over fuel supply for the long Connecticut and Westchester winter. With an oil storage tank you’ll always have heating oil on-site, and you’ll pay only for the fuel you’re delivered (which is especially convenient if you take advantage of automatic delivery).

Casey will install your heating oil tank quickly and correctly the first time, and will provide heating oil tank removal services that comply with all EPA standards and all local codes.

Considering a new heating oil tank or want to remove your old one? Contact Casey Energy today for a FREE estimate!