heating oil run-outs connecticut

A home heating oil runout can happen quickly – a sudden change of weather here, or an over-busy weekend there, and you could easily end up in a no heat emergency (if you do, don’t panic – we’re here to help you!

On the plus side, running out of heating oil probably won’t do much harm to your furnace or boiler, since each has an emergency switch that automatically turns off the burner when you run out of oil.

Then there’s the minus side: besides the inconvenience and possible risk of being in a cold house in the dead of winter, a heating oil runout can clog filters and fuel lines with sediment from the bottom of your oil tank. That means you will need at least a service call and possibly much more. Frozen pipes are also a major concern when you no longer have heat in your greater Danbury-area home, with potential for thousands of dollars in flood damage.

If you run out of heating oil this fall or winter:


If you’ve run out of heating oil, do a little detective work – it could help you prevent the problem in the future. Ask yourself the following questions to determine the reasons for your runout:

Five ways to avoid a heating oil runout

When it comes to fuel runouts, prevention is always best. You can avoid running out of home heating oil if you:

If you run out of heating oil this fall or winter, don’t panic – contact Casey Energy. Our experts can restart your burner, take care of any problems that arise and refill your tank to keep your family safe and warm at home.