pool opening day

April 27 is coming…mark your calendars!

In case you’re not up on your National Celebration Days (there are more than 1,200 of them, after all) April 27 is National Pool Opening Day – THE day to bust out the chlorine and skimmer nets and get to work.

The problem for those of us living here in Westchester and Fairfield counties is that mid-spring mornings and evenings can still be quite chilly: in fact, average temperatures in our service area can dip into the 50s well into June. That’s a bummer for many of us warm-water swimmers.

But what if you could enjoy that warm dip even on those chilly mornings and evenings? You could if you invest in a propane pool heater from Casey Energy.

Propane pool heaters: Extend your swimming season by a month or more

A propane pool heater works the same way your home water heating system does: it burns gas to warm cold water, then cycles the warm water back into the pool.

Great for both in-ground and aboveground pools and spas, propane pool heaters are:

The propane advantage for your pool

Propane pool heaters enjoy significant advantages over other pool heater types, including:

Considering adding a propane pool heater to your Northern Westchester or Northern Fairfield County home? We can help! Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation estimate. And if you already have a propane pool heater, make sure you keep it up and running throughout the swimming season with reliable propane deliveries from Casey Energy. Contact us to schedule your propane delivery today, or to become a Casey Energy customer.