Appliance Upgrades Are a Great Use of Your Tax Refund

Home Improvement Is a Smart Choice

tax refund options connecticutThinking about how to spend a nice tax refund can be fun. Maybe it can be put towards a long-overdue weekend getaway, or perhaps a DIY project you’ve been hard at work on. But with the price of heating oil and propane rocketing this winter—and no end in sight due to the situation in Ukraine—now might be a good time to upgrade to high-efficiency heating equipment.

Why Should I Invest in New Home Heating Equipment?

We get it. Upgrading home heating equipment is not as “sexy”, but it’s an incredibly smart investment in your home that will help keep costs down next winter and for years to come. Here are 5 smart upgrades that can add value to your home, help you save money, and keep you more comfortable:

  1. New high-efficiency heating or cooling equipment can really make a difference in your heating costs—you could see your energy usage cut by 40%! You’ll also enjoy improved comfort and quieter, more reliable operation. That means fewer potential breakdowns and better efficiency.
  2. Heating water contributes to about 20% of your energy costs. A high-efficiency water heater will help keep those costs down. Because they heat water on-demand (rather than keeping gallons and gallons hot on standby) tankless water heaters are incredibly efficient, while providing virtually unlimited hot water.
  3. If you have hard-to-heat spaces that aren’t warmed properly by your main system, thermostatically controlled propane space heaters can keep rooms comfortable more efficiently than electric heaters. For space heating, plus charm, consider a propane-fueled fireplace. Enjoy cozy heat without the mess and hassle of a wood-burning hearth.
  4. A whole-house generator provides real peace of mind, keeping your lights and heat on, as well as your security system, both of which can help in preventing expensive losses from spoiled food—and may even lower your insurance rates along with it.
  5. Prefer a less utilitarian way to spend your refund? Propane-powered pool heaters, grills, patio heaters, lighting, and more can add value to your home—and let you enjoy your outdoor spaces to the absolute fullest.

The courteous and knowledgeable pros at Casey Energy can answer all your questions about heating and cooling equipment options to make your home more comfortable and more efficient—no matter your budget. We offer expert installation and service backed by more than 65 years of experience serving homes in Fairfield and Westchester counties. Contact us for more information today.