Upgrade From A Window AC Unit to Ductless

A Quick and Easy Guide to Mini-Split Solutions

When the summer season rolls into town this year, will you find yourself still cooling your home with ugly, bulky, noisy window air conditioning units? While inefficient window units were once the only option for spaces without ductwork, those days are long gone.

Ductless air conditioners—also called mini-split systems—are a great alternative for homes without ductwork, as well as spaces that your central AC doesn’t cool properly. This includes converted spaces like attics, sunrooms, and additions. Ductless systems are super-efficient, quiet and they even heat during colder seasons, too! Better still, they’re easy to install—it only takes about a day.

Here’s everything you need to know to upgrade to a ductless cooling system before the summer season ahead:

What Exactly is a Ductless AC System?

You might be wondering how a window unit and a ductless unit are different. Afterall, window units are ductless, right? The most obvious difference is that a ductless mini-split system doesn’t block your windows. Ductless mini-split systems are made up of a single outdoor condenser and one or more indoor units, which can be installed almost anywhere—the wall, the floor, even from the ceiling. All that’s needed to connect them to the condenser is a pair of slim refrigerant pipes that fit in a three-inch hole.

Another huge difference between a window unit and a mini-split system is that a ductless mini-split system can also be used to provide efficient supplemental heat in the winter.

It’s a great solution for those spaces that never quite get warm enough. And some people like to use their mini-split system for heat in the fall, before they switch to their furnace or boiler, or in the spring for late cold snaps.

What are the Benefits When Compared to Window Units?

There’s a lot to like about ductless AC systems, not least of which is that you gain sunlight and views without a window unit.

You’ll also notice big savings, too. While the system is more expensive to install up-front, a mini-split system is much more efficient. An Energy Star-rated model will use as much as 60% less electricity. Another way ductless systems help you save is with zoned cooling. Some people like that with window units, they can just cool a specific space; while with a central air conditioning system, you are paying to cool your whole house, even rooms you aren’t using.

A ductless system lets you only cool specific spaces—while using less energy, and with less noise than window units.

How Do I Know if a Ductless System Is Right for Me?

Unless you already have ductwork and a central AC system already installed, a ductless system is a great solution to make your home more comfortable in the summer and beyond. Installation is quick, with minimal drilling, and you’ll be ready for a cool comfortable summer.

Our expert technicians can provide a thorough assessment of your home and recommend the right mini-split system for your space. Then, we’ll install it promptly, professionally, and well before the summer’s first sweltering afternoon! Contact the team at Casey Energy to get started today.