We’ll Get Through Winter Together

Get through winter together

Posted: August 26, 2015

The last two winters were rough on us, but even if we get another one like the previous seasons, we can get through it together.

Below are some simple steps you can follow to get your heating system ready, so your home and family are safe and warm this winter.

Ask us to start making automatic deliveries

We calculate how much fuel you will use based on your past usage and on the weather — and then we schedule your deliveries in plenty of time before you run low. This will take some of the worry out of winter. Whether you need heating oil or propane, let us bring fuel to you.

Tune in

Tune-up appointments fill up fast when the weather gets cold, so call us today at 203-438-6500 to schedule service for your system. Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and ensures that your system works at peak efficiency, saving you money on fuel. Tune-ups also extend the life of your system. Read more here.

Check that the exhaust flue to the outside is clear

Make sure there are no obstructions and everything is in good condition with all connections securely fastened. Keeping combustible gases out of your living space is essential to your home’s safety. Furnace rooms or closets should have door louvers or vents or a duct directly to the outside to provide sufficient combustion air.

Set back and save

A programmable thermostat is a great investment. You can automatically lower the temperature at night or during the day when the house is empty. You save 1% on your annual heating bill for each degree you dial down, as long as the setback period is at least 8 hours.

Check vents

Make sure vents in your house allow air to flow. Thermostats are set to specific settings to make sure that your home’s air is circulated and heated properly to keep your system working efficiently. If vents are not allowing air to flow because of an obstruction or clogged filters, your system will need to work extra hard to heat all the areas of your home evenly. This leads to even higher energy bills and more headaches from an easily solved problem. Simply examine your vents and ensure that air can pass through.

Remove all flammable objects from around your heating system and water heater

This tip seems obvious, but can be very dangerous for your home. Make sure that paper products, boxes, aerosols, and other flammable products are kept away from your furnace and water heater, especially if your furnace and water heater are kept in a small room.

Upgrade your system

A new burner with electronic controls can pay for itself in just a few years because of lower costs. Less fuel will be used because modern burners will burn your fuel cleaner and operate as much as 15% more efficiently. Read more here.

Contact us if you need more advice or help with saving money this winter. Call 203-438-6500 or contact us here.