What Is Heating Oil?

Getting Familiar with a Popular Fuel Choice

heating oil connecticut Did you know nearly 40 percent of Connecticut homes use heating oil? That’s because heating oil is notably better at generating heat and keeping your home warm. This is particularly true in a cold, damp climate like we get in the northeast during the winter season. Other fuels just don’t provide the same heating energy! So, what is heating oil—and why does it perform so well?

Heating oil is a refined form of crude oil that comes from deep wells both on land and offshore. As a petroleum product, heating oil has gotten a bad rap, but thanks to major advancements in the refining process, it’s a much cleaner product than in years past. One of the biggest changes in heating oil in recent years has been the development of ultra-low sulfur heating oil. In fact, all the heating oil delivered in the northeast is mandated to be ultra-low sulfur heating oil. Ultra-low sulfur heating oil is cleaner—and cleaner-burning—than “regular” heating oil.

What are the Benefits of Oil Heat?

One of the key benefits of heating oil is that it has a higher BTU output per gallon. That means it will warm up your home faster than other types of fuels. Higher BTUs also means you’ll use your heating oil supply more slowly than, say, propane. That means you will pay less to heat your house with heating oil, even if the per-gallon cost of propane is less.

The oil used in homes today is dramatically different than the oil burned in the past. Thanks in part to the transition to ultra-low sulfur heating oil, particulate emissions have been reduced significantly from the already low levels of the past few decades.

So how much cleaner is it? Traditional heating oil has a sulfur content of up to 4,000 parts per million. In contrast, ultra-low sulfur heating oil has a sulfur content of just 15 parts per million. That means it burns extremely clean!

And because it’s so clean-burning, ultra-low sulfur heating oil improves the efficiency of your heating system—which in turn, saves you money. It also helps your system last longer and reduces potential breakdowns.

How Safe is Heating Oil?

Heating oil is incredibly safe. It doesn’t ignite at room temperature and is nonflammable in liquid form. To burn, it must be heated to 114° and vaporized via the combustion process. If it’s stored properly, heating oil is safe for the environment, too.

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