Why Choose A Propane Powered Generator?

generator installation connecticutIf you are in the market for a backup generator (a smart move—considering how reliant we are on home electricity these days—and how frequent outages have become) you have several options for powering it, including variations powered by diesel, gasoline, and natural gas.

But one fuel stands out from the rest when it comes to providing a stable, convenient use and generator performance: propane gas.

Propane Generator Benefits

Here are seven reasons to choose a propane whole house generator:

  1. Propane Gas Doesn’t Decay: Unlike gasoline and diesel, propane won’t degrade over time; it’s “shelf life” mainly depends on how well maintained your propane storage tank is. Because of its longevity, you also don’t have to add expensive stabilizers to propane to keep it from spoiling.
  2. Propane Equipment is Easier to Maintain: Gasoline and diesel leave carbon deposits on your engine when they burn, so your generator will need much more attention and/or fixes than a propane-fired model will.
  3. Propane Produces Fewer Pollutants: Propane produces only half as much carbon monoxide (CO) as gasoline, and less carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and sulfur dioxide than other fossil fuels.
  4. Propane Won’t Spill: if your propane does leak out of its tank, there’s no hazard involved. Propane in its unburned state is a “green” fuel. Since it is a gas, it poses no environmental hazard, unlike gasoline and diesel.
  5. Propane is Reliable in Frigid Temperatures: Diesel and gasoline “gel” (freeze and become thicker) in colder weather, which can lead to all kinds of problems with your fuel lines. Diesel also has a hard time igniting in the cold. Propane, on the other hand, is reliable down to temperatures well below 0°F, making it a great source for emergency power in New England.
  6. Propane Delivery is More Reliable: Because it’s easy to store, propane can be safely transported using trucks; natural gas must be delivered by pipeline. If damage occurs to the pipeline, you may not have fuel when you need it most. If you live in a rural area, you might not have the option to use natural gas at all.
  7. Propane is Super-Powered: Compared to natural gas, propane provides more than twice as much energy per cubic foot (2,490 vs. 1,040 BTUs). This means that during the same time period, you’ll burn more than double the amount of natural gas as you would propane. If running out of fuel is a concern, propane is a better choice because it will last longer.

Propane Generator Installations in Connecticut and New York

In the market for a propane backup generator? Casey Energy has models available in many sizes and power outputs; we’ll find the one that works best in your home and within your budget!

Don’t miss out on a generator by waiting until the storm hits. Avoid the crowds and contact Casey Energy today to learn more about propane generator installations in northern Fairfield and Northern Westchester counties!