With A Propane Pool Heater, You Could Be Swimming Right Now!

No one likes to take a cold dip on a cool day or evening – unless that pool is toasty warm.

Take it from us – propane pool heater can quickly become a welcome luxury. They’re a great choice for in-ground and aboveground pools and spas of all shapes and sizes –super efficient, easy to install and maintain, and completely reliable if you care for them properly.

They also enjoy big advantages over other types of pool heaters, including:

  • Natural gas – You’ll get the same performance from propane as you will from natural gas without the hassle and expense of connecting to an outside line.
  • Electric heat pumps – A heat pump draws heat from the air, which means it can only heat water to about the same temperature as the weather will allow it to. That’s great if you live in Southern California – not so great if you live in Northern Connecticut or Westchester.
  • Solar pool heaters – Solar pool heaters are great if you only swim on sunny days during the daytime. If you want more flexibility, propane heat is the way to go.

Our pool heater specialists will help you match a propane pool heater to your pool and budget, then install it quickly so your family can start enjoying it right away – and if you need propane, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Imagine swimming from now into the fall – it’s possible with a propane pool heater! Contact Casey today for a FREE estimate for your Westchester or Northern Fairfield home!